Guidewatch is a small program that makes it easy to investigate results from a guiding session as produced by Astroart. While autoguiding or selfguiding in Astroart, with the ‘menu’ of the ‘guide window’, the data can be saved in a file. This file contains the time and the deviation in x and y for each guiding exposure. The results can be investigated by importing them for instance in Excel. However, there are 2 things that make this method less interesting :

  1. In Excel, the number of items in a graph is mostly limited to 256

  2. Importing the data and producing a graph is more or less cumbersome …

Guidewatch can be an easy solution. Open a guidelog.txt file that was produced with Astroart, and the program will make the graph for you instantly.

  1. With the >>> and <<< buttons, you can ‘walk’ through the graph. The red bar shows which portion of the file is currently displayed.

  2. With ‘scale’, you can alter the scale

  3. If you click somewhere in the graph, a blue marker is displayed, showing the beginning of a selection. If you click somewhere further in the graph, another blue line shows the end of a selection. At the right, a graphical representation of the data is shown. Also, the start and end time of the selection is displayed, as well as the interval time. This allows measuring the time interval between some events ( like peaks ) in the graph.

The Guidewatch program can be downloaded FREE OF CHARGE

Proceed as follows:

  1. Download the zip file.

  2. Make a directory on your computer and unpack the zip file there.

  3. That's all folks! The program itself is called 'guidewatch.exe'.

Click here to download the program! Enjoy!

Guidewatch was written by Patrick Mergan.

About Guidewatch

Downloading Guidewatch


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