With this program it is possible to view and combine different characteristics of filters.

The package consists of :

  1. xfilter.exe : the program

  2. *.flt : a number of filter data files

  3. small.lx5 : font file

Put these files on a directory and start xfilter.exe

  1. The 3 upper buttons are 'light sources'. When you activate one of them, you will get the characteristics of that source ( mercury vapour lamp, low pressure sodium lamp and high pressure sodium lamp ). The 3 sources can be combined as well : in that case the characteristics are added.

  2. The buttons in the middle are filters : there are a number of Wratten gelatine filters as well as a number of well known Lumicon and Idas filters. These filters can be combined as well. When you activate 1 filter, with all other buttons 'off', the characteristic curve of that filter is displayed. When a source is activated ( on top ) + a filter, you can see what this filter does with the light of that source. Different filters can be combined. In that case, the characteristics are multiplied.

  3. De 3 buttons at the bottom are 'receptors'. They have some characteristics as well: rods ( the eye at night ), cones ( the eye in daylight or with sufficient light ), and the typical characteristic of a CCD camera ( in this case the Starlight Express MX716 ).
    When 1 of the receptors is activated ( with all other buttons 'off' ) , you will see the characteristics of that receptor.
    If you activate 1 receptor along with a source, you can see for which wave length the receptor is most sensitive.

The Xfilter package can be downloaded FREE OF CHARGE

Proceed as follows:

  1. Download the zip file.

  2. Make a directory on your computer and unpack the zip file there.

  3. That's all folks! The program itself is called 'xfilter.exe'. User instructions : see readme.txt

Click here to download the latest version! Enjoy!

Xfilter was written by Patrick Mergan.

About x-filter

Downloading x-filter


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